TV's leading men confess tattoo and career regrets at EW's Brave New Warriors Comic-Con panel

By Samantha Highfill
July 21, 2017 at 05:49 PM EDT

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So many men, so little time.

On Friday, EW Editor at Large Lynette Rice took the San Diego Comic-Con stage to moderate EW’s Brave New Warriors panel with Westworld’s Rodrigo Santoro, American Gods’ Ricky Whittle, Outlander’s Richard Rankin, Stranger Things’ David Harbour, Happy!’s Christopher Meloni, and Once Upon A Time’s Colin O’Donoghue. The actors discussed career highlights (and regrets), the worst notes they’ve gotten from directors, and more.

Comic-Con International 2017 - Brave New Warriors Panel
Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Here are some panel highlights:

+After discussing his love for his Outlander character — “probably the best character on the show” — Rankin recalled his most embarrassing job when he played one of Cinderella’s stepsisters in a play and, as he put it, “lost a little piece of his soul” each day he took the stage for a crowd of kids he said “couldn’t care less.”

+When asked what he loves about playing Shadow Moon, Whittle responded, “His eternal hope,” adding, “He constantly gets back up and keeps moving forward.” As for his worst role, Whittle recalled modeling for a campaign when he was young. Much like Joey Tribbiani on Friends, Whittle was the face of an STD. “I was that guy,” he admits. His advice to kids? “Please don’t do those commercials.” (Meloni, however, turned down one of those commercials.)

+Harbour, who admits he loves Chief Hopper just as much as all of you, recalled the most insulting thing a director ever said to him. It was on Brokeback Mountain, when he played what he called, “the third gay cowboy in a two gay cowboy movie.” His character met Jake Gyllenhaal’s at a bar, and during the scene, Harbour said director Ang Lee gave him one note: “More handsome.”


+Rodrigo, also speaking to something a director once told them, remembered filming a love scene on one project when he said he must’ve been too enthusiastic because the director asked that he be “a little bit more gentle, a little less Latino.”

+When asked who has a tattoo they regret, one hand went up. When asked who has a piercing they regret, the same hand went up. Both times, it was Meloni.

+In case you were wondering, as Captain Hook, O’Donoghue had to learn how to shuffle cards with one hand. And yes, he demonstrated.

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