By Noelene Clark
July 20, 2017 at 07:18 PM EDT

Stan Against Evil

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IFC’s comedy horror series Stan Against Evil revealed new footage — and a premiere date — for the show’s second season during its panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Thursday.

The series, from creator Dana Gould, centers on a former sheriff (John C. McGinley) and current sheriff (Janet Varney) who team up to defend their small town, Willard’s Mill, against demons. The show’s second season will debut Nov. 1, and will dive straight into the action, Gould said when the cast stopped by EW’s Comic-Con lounge in San Diego.

“It picks up immediately where the last episode left off with [Stan] living in this world where things don’t feel right,” Gould said. “We follow his journey dealing with the sort of voice in his head that leads him to discoveries that allow him to travel back and lead him to Evie.”

Gould also talked about how Varney’s character was written specifically for the actress, but McGinley’s aging sheriff was based on his father. “My dad is 87 years old, and he’s not as athletic as John,” Gould said. “With John, it was really the first time I had a character and kind of gave it to him. John brought his own quality to the character, much better than I had imagined.”

Watch the season 2 trailer, which debuted during the show’s Comic-Con panel, above.

Stan Against Evil

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