Two men have been tasked with helping to saving the planet, and they are… a mall security guard and a bookstore employee. Well, actually, they are a former LAPD detective (Craig Robinson) and a Stanford astrophysics professor (Adam Scott) who fell on hard times, but now the head of “the Bureau Underground” (Ally Walker) has recruited them to delve into the paranormal world after an agent is seemingly abducted by nonhuman forces. What follows is a buddy action-comedy that aims to terrify, too. “It mixes humor with that little bit of scare and also some heart,” says Robinson. Sums up Scott: “You’ll laugh, you’ll pee your pants, and you’ll laugh again, and then you’ll have to clean yourself up. And then wonder why as an adult would you let yourself pee your pants. And you won’t know if you peed your pants from laughing or from being frightened.”

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So, what scared the stars the most while filming the Ghosted pilot? Surely, freaky stuff abounded. Let’s find out!

6. “Midway through shooting, we were standing around, and I felt something on my shoulder, and I just kind of froze,” says Scott. “And before I could react, I asked everyone else in the circle I was talking to if they felt something on their shoulder too, because it felt crazy — it felt like I was being touched by lightning or something, it was a feeling I’d never had before. And everyone else said, “No, we don’t feel anything,” so I knew that something was going on. And as it turned out, it was the second assistant director tapping me on the shoulder to tell me that it’s time to get back to work. Now, this was terrifying, but I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones because I made it through.”

5. “Don’t tell anybody this, but Adam’s hair talks to me,” says Robinson. “It’s always disparaging my acting. Adam’s hair. Not Adam; Adam’s very supportive. But his hair is like, ‘Dude, I’m the real star here, you know?'”

4. “We had a scene where we went to fix the copy machine, but we were really there to look for the guy who’s missing,” says Robinson. “I’m afraid of how I look in that outfit — short-sleeved tucked-in shirt — just for getting laid purposes. I’ve been working out, and I’m not there yet. And I certainly wasn’t there when we filmed, but I still had to tuck my shirt in. Any big guy lets you know, ‘Hey man, we don’t do the shirt tucked in, until it’s time.’ My legs are cool though.”

3. “At one point we were under the gun shooting a scene and I was a bit distracted, and I accidentally called him ‘Mr. Fantastic Looking’ by accident, and the whole place went quiet,” says Scott. “You could hear a pin drop while we all waited for Craig to react. It was terrifying. But luckily he took it in stride, made it clear that it was okay. He understood because it was a stressful day on the set, but it just can’t happen again, and I assured him it wouldn’t. So we got through that one, but it was pretty scary.”

2. “One day we shot and we went to lunch an hour late,” says Robinson. “That was pretty scary. I was wondering if we were going to eat.”

1. “Using real aliens and UFOs was intimidating at first,” says Scott. “Turns out, they’re super down-to-earth! Solid hang.”

Ghosted premieres Oct. 1 on Fox.

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