By Dalton Ross
June 29, 2017 at 12:01 PM EDT
Credit: Gene Page/AMC

As the guy who covers The Walking Dead for Entertainment Weekly, I've interviewed the cast of the AMC hit more times than I can count. But why should I have all the fun? Plus, let's be honest: They must be pretty gosh darn sick of me by now. This is where you come in. EW is giving one lucky fan the opportunity to help the cast celebrate the show's upcoming 100th episode by interviewing them on Saturday, July 22 at Comic-Con in San Diego – and that fan could be you!

We've come up with a Walking Dead quiz, and anyone who gets all the trivia questions correct – plus submits an original and creative written answer to the last question – is automatically entered for a chance to be in a room with the stars and ask them whatever their heart desires on camera for a video that will then appear on One winner will be selected from all the finalists and will get to mingle with the cast and pepper them with questions about the show.

Want to rub elbows with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus? Or take a selfie with Danai Gurira and Lauren Cohan? Or quiz Melissa McBride and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on their deepest, darkest secrets? This is your chance! But first you have to prove your fandom and take the quiz we've put together for you. Also please note that transportation and accommodations are not included as part of the prize, so if you enter, you should already be planning to attend San Diego Comic-Con or be willing to get yourself there on short notice. (Contest ends 11:59 a.m. ET on July 13). Also, please note that all questions pertain to the TV version of The Walking Dead unless otherwise noted. For the official rules, head here.

The cast of The Walking Dead could be waiting for you! But first, you have to win. And to win, you have to play. So put down that gigantic vat of chocolate pudding and get cracking on our Walking Dead quiz, below. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!) ¥UÛ’ªHü ³¸òxPiÚPÖËÈ¥ßèîY@5Æ…¯ßltÎ:OëÆ>öª2+³Š%Õµ¬ƒO¾ñ÷Yº.çéìÄÇö‰O¬jñ6u£·é•U¾“'k+ÇYÔý4û#Oô!WÛí¯‹1+øaVŠ$®„3Ûó”áügŨÍ:«Êõ%ÃÅpÞzŽräEÖzÏéMÏ먯œwÓÛŸoÛÛbâÕyZjä¾!ÇNÐ “xë.sf ·“¨¥Çj·ÁY‰}£·ñoî5O«X!ë¸ËÓ“^n˜ÁÚòÔ?gI¤SX*œ²ClñtŒÓŠQ¸·æ½Ë0Ò™³> 2ø±¤E»Ü]›|‚ó±×ñ$²òÄ»,w·çõq±Üæ•Ï„#‘—÷;[ËÖ?‰kº-T·8·Y§Æ¾–Tw‚¬5£ë8Šm­wyëxº*$)<óë]I"-jÄ e‰säv÷ˆ}Ì«È×­_2Š:&Ó"ÃÖ¥J#ýõŒ¢#àÒö÷xꔇU!Hfbjžð.4ßø¥¤Þ.Kn®D–ÝÜ»AîiNì7ü™×ÞYPžqÙÔ]Æãû¸{Í<Û^¿pP}AýŒ._7y}0øØŸˆv€¸Ú¬Íݝ´”Xz¬‹ÃÚ=aÝå4há äc…"AǨ×扂¿‚³÷'žñZ_¿8s¢Á)F}½Ø>ˆ@ÇA±hýŠ'¼‘xnKLÜ¢ˆIà~+‚xT=:•D;žF?Ä}Ô¨Êj­ÁÉèøÁ“øÊÂõ13> qk¸ÿ9O¹~‘£õôx®ËÔ3µìýïv,@ŸóÝSÓ¨AG8ñÙÔ_â:q«jMÐïÁÌSðIbõ±Ÿý«ˆ×ºú¸



Ç:€æ˜µôjÖ¨7~¡Á|W̹T÷¾ÍÎt­³d}Æì9d˜I='kqØB«Ç¿Æ̲?Ù¾ˆ½ø^#£=f› ·³pÔ½gú~rMJ΀áZ¬’ú¢,ÅƧæÁÂÀŽ™àô1RÌžÞ£SƒûUÏì{<¦gL}6˜ý*]B³½ù”bì_Ü/¬Û¸ò Ç,6}Ósø?ùõ?¹ïsŒŸä!²?ôzß›,ԍÚ|ïŸû³ð—sŸÅ±Ùº~ö5Ó¸ä“ÑhNÇkíՍØ


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