PLUS: Clark Gregg shares hilarious story of his worst performance on Broadway

By Shirley Li
Updated July 25, 2016 at 11:21 PM EDT
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After three seasons of missions against Hydra, it’s no surprise the cast of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. knows how to keep a straight face.

At EW’s inaugural Con-X, a free panel-and-giveaway-packed four-day event for fans, Clark Gregg (a.k.a. Coulson), Chloe Bennet (a.k.a. Daisy), Henry Simmons (a.k.a. Mack), Elizabeth Henstridge (a.k.a. Simmons), and Iain de Caestecker (a.k.a. Fitz) assembled on the Spotlight Stage to play Two Truths and a Lie, a game in which each has to give three statements, two true and one false. Each cast member chose whether to speak of their characters or themselves. Below, their statements:

Clark Gregg on himself

1. My father is a minister, and I was very, very bad in high school.

2. I once went on in the leading role of A Few Good Men on Broadway when I didn’t know the lines.

3. I was one of the few white teens in Chicago who was allowed to dance on Soul Train.

Chloe Bennet on herself

1. I had a pet squirrel that I kept in my closet for two months, and my parents never knew.

2. I once glued my arm to my other friend’s arm so she would hang out with me.

3. I love cilantro, and as a snack, I eat bunches of cilantro.

Henry Simmons on his character, Mack

1. Mack’s parents are still alive.

2. Mack dated Bobbi before Hunter.

3. Alfonso Mackenzie is a real character in the comics.

Elizabeth Henstridge on her character, Simmons

1. She had an ex-boyfriend called Tad.

2. Her necklace was given to her by her grandma.

3. She can swear in 17 languages.

Iain de Caestecker on his character, Fitz

1. Fitz’s favorite thing in the world is Jemma Simmons.

2. Fitz has named some of his gadgets after the seven dwarves.

3. Fitz is secretly in love with Mack and keeps a picture of him in his wallet.

The audience chimed in and helped deduce which was the lie for each actor. (Gregg’s factoid about himself on A Few Good Men is true — and he went on to tell the full, hilarious story of winding up on a Broadway stage without knowing his lines or having the right costume on.)

After Two Truths and a Lie, the cast also revealed hidden talents, with Bennet taking the mic and showing off her pipes in a spot-on impression of Britney Spears. For the complete panel hosted by yours truly — including teases on season 4 — watch the video below.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns this fall on ABC.

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