It's called 'Star Trek Discovery'; see a first look at the U.S.S. Discovery in a new video

By Christopher Rosen
July 27, 2017 at 08:44 AM EDT

The new Star Trek series has an official title.

During the Star Trek panel at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday, it was revealed the show will be called Star Trek Discovery. The official Star Trek Discovery logo also debuted (and can be seen below).

The show will premiere on CBS in January before switching over to CBS All Access, where new episodes will be available to stream. Last month, showrunner Bryan Fuller teased that Star Trek Discovery will stretch the limit of Star Trek by not having to worry about network standards.

“It will likely affect us more in terms of what we can do graphically. But Star Trek is not necessarily a universe where I want to hear a lot of profanity, either,” he said.

Fuller also revealed a first look at the new ship, the U.S.S. Discovery, which you can see above. The Discovery‘s registry number is NCC-1031. The original Enterprise was NCC-1701, and most starships seen in the later TNG era had five numbers (like the Defiant, which was NX-74205.) This immediately led to theories that the new series will be set around the time of the original series – if not before. Speaking after the Comic-Con panel, Fuller confirmed that the show will be set in the Prime timeline of Star Trek – not the alternate version used by the film reboots – but he wouldn’t specify when. “We want to tease you!” he explained.

Although the panel was nominally focused on the 50th anniversary of the franchise, there were a few questions aimed at Fuller about the nature of the new series. Without ever describing the setting or the characters, Fuller made his feelings about the core concept of the series clear. “I feel like what the new series has to do is continue to be progressie, continue to push boundaries, continue telling stories in the legacy Gene Roddenberry promised,” he said.

When William Shatner himself demanded more information from Fuller, he continued: “We’re telling stories in a new way. We’re not so much episodic. We’re going to be telling stories like a novel.”

Possibly also worth pointing out: When the full panel was all sitting onstage, Fuller began his questions by asking William Shatner point-blank: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to continue telling stories about Captain Kirk, with you in that role?” Shatner, eternally ready for anything, said that sounded like a great idea, maybe hoping for one more trip to the Great Barrier.