By Chancellor Agard
July 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Frequency — The CW’s new series about a present day detective (Peyton List) who discovers she can talk to her deceased father (Riley Smith) in 1996 via a ham radio — is one of several time travel shows debuting this TV season. However, Executive Producer Jeremy Carver (Supernatural) believes they’ll probably stand out from the pack because of how grounded their show is.

“I can’t really speak to the other ones. I’m not exactly sure what they look like. My guess is that they feel more genre than we do,” Carver told EW at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. “I think we’re taking a very grounded, realistic, what-if approach to this. I think what we’re all responding to most is putting very people in an extraordinary situation, but playing it out in a very believable, relatable way.” 

Executive Producer Jennifer Gwartz added, “At the end of the day, this is a show that kind of taps into something that everyone can relate to and that’s second chances and do overs and what if you could go back and do things differently. I think that’s really relatable and I think the emotion of that is really powerful.” 

Peyton List, who plays Detective Raimy Sullivan, also believes this is the “toughest’ and “most grounded in reality” character that she’s ever played on The CW. “She’s very complicated,” said List, who has also appeared on The Flash. “What I like about our show is that these characters are beautifully flawed.” 

The series, which is inspired by the 2000 movie of the same name, will also explore how Raimy’s communication with her father, who is in the past, will change and wreak havoc on the present. 

Watch the entire interview above. Frequency debuts Wednesday, Oct. 5 on The CW.

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Based on the 2000 feature film of the same name, The CW’s drama Frequency features Peyton List, Riley Smith, and Mekhi Phifer.
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