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The live-action people behind the animated Family Guy characters held court at Comic-Con on Saturday afternoon, and among the goods dropped on the enthusiastic San Diego crowd was a thick, juicy, meaty slab of preview clips from the upcoming season.

But there’s no reason for you, Comic-Con non-attendee, to wait until the fall to see the four-minute-plus highlight reel of boundary-assaulting highjinks that was unspooled for the Ballroom 20 folks (minus a Peter-Jay Z-Beyoncé-Solange elevator gag that was shown only in the room). EW brings you a first look at that reel right here, so watch the video above to see a malodorous scene from Doctor Who Farted?; Bill Cosby in a remake The Princess Bride (“Now one of these has the iocane powder, you see, and of them makes you go sleepy-bye with your mouth open,” Cosby, as masked Westley, tells Stewie); an overly sexual car safety video with Stewie handling multiple roles; and, sure, talk of sore growth on Quagmire’s genitals.

Family Guy kicks off its star-studded season 15 on Sept. 25 on Fox.

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