By Dylan Kickham
July 22, 2016 at 01:58 PM EDT
Cartoon Network
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Steven Universe is bringing back a major character in tonight’s new episode. Steven and Connie’s fusion of Stevonnie will reappear in “Beach City Drift,” and they’ve got revenge on the mind.

The episode will focus on Stevonnie’s animosity towards Kevin, the arrogant teenager who pressured them into dancing with him in the only other episode Stevonnie has appeared in, season 1’s “Alone Together.” In the new clip, Kevin is rude to Mr. Universe at his auto store, enraging Steven and Connie. The two kids decide that they’ll get back at Kevin by beating him in a car race, but must fuse into Stevonnie in order to legally drive.

The clip premiered during Steven Universe‘s panel at San Diego Comic-Con this morning. The panel also featured a concert by the cast performing of songs from the show, such as the extended theme song and Estelle’s “Stronger Than You.”

The new episode is part of the Steven Universe: Summer Adventures event, which features new episodes of the Cartoon Network hit every weekday until Aug. 12. “Beach City Drift” airs Friday at 7 p.m. ET.

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