Juliana makes her escape in clip from the new season
Credit: Amazon Studios

Even though executive producer Ridley Scott couldn’t be at San Diego Comic-Con with The Man in the High Castle cast, he still sent his regards to fans with a new preview of season 2.

The clip, which opens with an introduction from Scott himself, shows Juliana (Alexa Davalos) trapped in the trunk of a car driven by West Coast Resistance leader Gary, played by Battlestar Galactica alum Callum Rennie, who joined the show for its second season. Despite objections from his fellow resistance member Lem (Rick Worthy) and Karen (Camille Sullivan), Gary wants to kill Juliana. Luckily, Juliana escapes from the moving car before he has a chance, injuring herself in the process.

Although it’s not explained why the Resistance has captured her, we can safely assume it’s because she foiled their plan to kill Nazi officer Joe (Luke Kleintank) in the season 1 finale.

Watch the bullet-ridden clip above, and then check out the season 2 trailer. The Man in the High Castle returns in 2016 on Amazon.

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