Comic-Con is a place for fans to share their love for the content they cherish, but it also can be a breeding ground for spoilers. Rick and Morty’s creators have no problem taking that to the next level by dropping details on the premiere episode of their upcoming season.

The stars of the Adult Swim show Justin Roiland, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke, writer Ryan Ridley and series creator Dan Harmon stopped by EW’s studio at San Diego Comic-Con Friday to talk all things Rick and Morty, including how to handle the convention crowd and even some spoilers regarding Rick’s whereabouts.

It wouldn’t be a successful convention without someone breaking a shoe, and it looks like Chalke is getting the ball rolling as she holds up her broken heel. “It’s keeping them honest. You know the Misery hobbling thing? That’s a legal version of that,” states Harmon, referring to himself as the culprit for the shoe mishap. “I break the ladies’ high heels.”

On a more serious note, when the show last aired, Rick was escorted to jail, leaving the cast wondering how the show could possibly continue into the next season. “Well the show is called Rick and Morty, so we have to get him back somehow,” adds Ridley, teasing a possible spoiler. “He gets out of prison in the first episode,” Harmon quickly drops, causing the cast to rise up their arms in protest over his plot spoiler.

With that detail in the spotlight, it makes one wonder what sort of trouble the series has been in with its network. “They didn’t want Justin to do both voices,” explains Harmon on early issues. “You could be listening with both ears and thinking, ‘Why couldn’t Elijah Wood play Morty?’” Thankfully, the entire cast shares their love for Elijah Wood.

Fans can also rejoice in knowing the new season isn’t too far off, as explained through a joke by Roiland. “It will premiere before World War III starts, which should happen in 12 months-ish.”

Watch the full interview above.

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