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Raising the stakes is a key component to any successful story, but WGN’s Salem takes it to a whole new level by starting a season with the lead character dead.

The series’ stars — Shane West, Janet Montgomery, Seth Gabel, Elise Eberle, and Iddo Goldberg — stopped by the EW lounge at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday to discuss the upcoming third season of the witchcraft-centric show, including what it’s like to come back from the dead and how the world can handle hell taking over.

Set in 17th-century Massachusetts, the show follows the town’s infamous witch trials to uncover the dark, supernatural truth behind the veil of the infamous period in American history. Of course, with that dark premise comes a great deal of death and ghoulish deeds. Even though Mary Sibley (Montgomery) died last season, her roots in witchcraft will provide an interesting resurrection.

“Spoiler alert: I come back from the dead,” states Montgomery. “I had to play with characterization of that, so I thought of how I’m a really deep sleeper and how it feels to be pulled from that.”

Getting into character as a resurrected witch may not be the easiest task, but apparently handling hell isn’t too bad.

“In this season, we’re actually bringing hell to earth,” West casually explains. “What they’re trying to do is take over the world, but they’re starting in Salem.”

With the crux of the series being how things could get worse after death, raising the stakes can be a tricky ploy. “I think that’s why it gets elevated to the point of hell coming to earth,” states Gabel. “Then the greater threat becomes hell is going to take over all of the earth.”

“The question is, are we all in hell?” poses Montgomery. “Have we all died and not come back to life and we’re all actually in hell?”

Salem returns during Halloween week on WGN.

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