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Ash vs Evil Dead

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In case there was any debate, Lucy Lawless made it clear she still kicks ass. The Ash vs Evil Dead star graced the EW Con-X stage with EW’s Nicole Sperling to talk about the horror comedy, which will once again team her with Bruce Campbell in season 2 as the determined and vengeful Ruby. Lawless and the rest of the former Xena cast are going to celebrate 21 years of the show this fall.

Lawless touched on the new season, Lee Majors’ guest-starring role, and which character she’d love play. Here are our takeaways.

Working on the Evil Dead set is gross

There’s sure to be a level of disgust when working on a show where the living dead are a regular occurrence. There’s another hazard of the job: facing the snot cannon. Yes, there’s a snot cannon on Sam Raimi’s show.

“You get covered in snot, blood and vomit,” she said. “That’s how you know how you belong: to get a snot fired at you from 18 inches.”

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Lee Majors, like you’ve never seen him

The Six Million Dollar Man is crashing into Jacksonville, Florida to appear as Ash’s (Campbell) dad, Brock. He makes the cavalier and brash Ash look like an upstanding gentleman in comparison.

“When you get to know Brock, he is such a bigot, such a pig, he’s everything awful. You come to think that Ash Williams is this triumph of nature over nurture.” she said.

Brock becomes enamored with Ruby and insistently hits on her — “and she doesn’t like it,” Lawless added. Brock also has a special name for Ruby, which Majors keeps calling Lawless in real life.

Good or bad: What does Lawless prefer?

Lawless has played character on the spectrum of good and evil, from the righteous Xena to Lucretia in Spartacus. She tries to make her roles less purely black or white.

“If I get a good character, I try to find the least savory aspects of that good character,” she explained. “If I get an evil one, I try to find the things that are admirable in her. Even though you think she’s a villain, you kind of like her.”

The role she’d love to play is…

It’s fitting Aliens celebrates 30 years at this Comic-Con: Being able to play Ripley would be a no-brainer proposition for her.

“I always take my model from Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley. — the first killer female action role as far as I was aware,” Lawless said. “I just want to crawl into her shadow. Except it’s been done. You can’t improve on that. That should never really be touched.”

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