Season 3 will feature Liv as a dominatrix, plus a 'Law & Order' episode
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Blaine’s father-son drama lives for one day more: Angus (Robert Knepper) will be back for a three-episode arc — two of which will be in the first three episodes of season 3 — the iZombie cast announced at the series’ Comic-Con panel.

Last we saw Angus, he was strapped to a table by his son, fresh out of Major’s deep freeze and in the mortuary basement. Blaine tried to trick him, turning the tables on his evil father in a gratifying — if not completely terrifying —manner.

Knepper’s upcoming return wasn’t the only development we learned about season 3, however: Liv (Rose McIver) will go from zombie to… dom-bie?

According to McIver, the writers’ room presented her with five pages of ideas for what types of brains Liv could eat, allowing her to veto one. Left off the list? A dominatrix. “I found out today,” she said, to which producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright responded, “Ficus is the safe word.”

Still, season 3 has an even bigger problem to deal with: Vivian and Fillmore Graves. The new Big Bad’s question to Liv at the end of season 2 — about whether she’ll join the zombies in their battle to avoid the inevitable human attempt to exterminate them — will linger over season 3. “Vivian is asking, ‘When they come to exterminate us, which side are you on?’” creator Rob Thomas explained during the panel moderated by EW’s Danielle Nussbaum. “A lot of season 3 is going to be about Liv figuring out the answer to that question.”

But for some fans and shippers, the real question is: Will Liv and Major ever get back together? “I think ultimately, I’d love Liv and Major to work out, but right now there’s bigger fish to fry,” McIver said. “It’s a precarious friendship anyway.” Luckily, whoever Liv falls for in season 3 will stick around. “What I’ve been promised is Liv’s next romantic interest… will not be killed off.”

In the meantime, Liv & Co. will get a chance to do iZombie’s take on Law and Order. “Liv and Clive are going to solve a case in one episode and then Peyton [played by Aly Michalka, now a series regular for season 3] is going to prosecute it in the following episode,” Thomas teased. “This is a huge and cool thing for us.”

Of course, the series will still include plenty of gooey, gross braaaains — something McIver’s excited for her castmates to continue to endure. “I was a baby about [eating them] at the start. I didn’t want to be the diva on set,” she said. “And then the boys had to eat the brains, and they were such babies about it!”

Some more highlights from the panel:

  • There will be Law and Order but no musical episode. Anders, though, did his best to convince Thomas and Ruggiero-Wright, serenading the panel with a short rendition of “You’ll Be Back” from the Broadway hit Hamilton.
  • Rahul Kohli is a bigger shipper of Ravi and Peyton than he seems. “I love that Rahul is playing it so cool now… he cares more about this trio than Ravi does,” McIver joked of her castmate. “Earlier today, Aly had blisters [from walking around in high heels], and she wanted to go from one door to another, and Rahul tripped over himself to carry her.” Kohli shrugged and added, “I’m method, alright?”

  • Kohli also has created plenty of fan fiction about his own character. “I have a diary where I wrote as the character in first person,” he admitted. “I chose his parents’ names and all that stuff, and all of it’s completely irrelevant.” A name he casted in his fiction: Sir Ben Kingsley.

  • Malcolm Goodwin, who plays Clive Babineaux, can’t get enough of another CW show: The 100. “I’m glad you have a favorite CW show!” Ruggiero-Wright teased, to which Goodwin quickly clarified that The 100 was only his second favorite.

iZombie returns midseason on The CW.

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