Watch the self-proclaimed "Duchess" of Comic-Con talk about her upcoming projects

By Evan Slead
Updated July 21, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

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It wouldn’t be Comic-Con without the “duchess” herself, Felicia Day, who is spending 2016 prepping for the return of a comedy classic.

Felicia Day talked to EW at Comic-Con Thursday about her upcoming projects, including the 14-episode return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and what makes her geek out at the yearly event.

Day, like many, has her Comic-Con rituals, and she appears eager to keep them going. “It’s always my Sunday tradition to go and do my shopping. I always get some art. I love limited edition prints,” explained the Geek & Sundry creator. “I always get role-playing dice because they’re really pretty and I collect them like a bird.”

When she hasn’t been busy spearheading her massively successful series The Guild, fans have cherished her time as Penny in Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. While the miniseries aired in 2008, a follow-up season has been questioned for years. “I don’t have any control over that, but I would love to,” Day states in response to the show returning. “They’re always busy with all of that Marvel stuff, my friends.”

She’s had a busy year, writing four episodes for the satirical riff show MST3k. “I’m here for my latest project Mystery Science 3000, which is very exciting,” Day gleefully explained about the Kickstarter-funded revival. When asked about the movies fans can expect to be riffed on, Day revealed that titles are still being kept tight. “I can’t tell you, but I’m hoping [creator] Joel [Hodgson​] gets to announce a few of them,” teased the online sensation. “Rest assured, they’re bad.”

“It’s a dream come true, really,” added Day. “Being a fan of something and then being in it is, like, how did I get this life?”

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