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Roland the Gunslinger is not from our time or place. In his realm of Mid-World, there’s also low and high speech. So what does a wandering frontiersman from another dimension actually sound like?

In EW’s interview with Idris Elba at San Diego Comic-Con, the star of The Dark Tower finally revealed not only what the hero of the Stephen King saga will sound like, but also why he and director Nikolaj Arcel came to that choice.

Not that Roland is ever loquacious. During our exclusive set-visit to The Dark Tower in South Africa last month, we watched Elba shoot for two days — during which he never said a word (but took out a lot of otherworldly fiends). King himself says the character should be as stoic as possible, sticking mainly to “Yep,” “Nope,” and, “Draw.”

Elba also discussed his new villain, Krall, in Star Trek Beyond, which opens Friday. The movie kicked off Comic-Con with an outdoor screening Wednesday night, featuring fireworks, a laser show, and a full orchestra performing the movie’s score live with the film.

Krall has a very different look, with prosthetic alien ridges that jutted from Elba’s face — making vision a little difficult. It’s literally a striking look, since it limited his vision and led to one accidental punch that left Captain Kirk actor Chris Pine with a black eye.

Watch Elba discuss both The Dark Tower and Star Trek Beyond in the video above.

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