Part VII of our coverage of the six-guns and sorcery film.

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There are two things that turn up over and over again in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower saga — red roses and the number 19.

They are symbols, signs of connection, evidence that there is something larger at play. Each, in its way, is a wink from the universe. A sign that reality and destiny can sometimes be reshaped.

Given Tuesday’s date, July 19, it’s the perfect time to reveal a combination — a concordance — of both rose and numeral that bring a secret, magical element to Entertainment Weekly‘s cover story about the film.

Here’s how it works:

Start by downloading the app from for Apple or Android. (It will come in handy in the future for other things as well.)

Sombra, as readers of The Dark Tower know, is the friendly-looking business front in our world for the followers of The Crimson King, a chaos god who wants to collapse the Tower that stands at the nexus of all reality.

This conglomerate blends the magic of other realms with the technology of our own, opening portals between dimensions and allowing mortals to see things that would normally be hidden from view.

With the Sombra app engaged, turn the camera to your copy of EW’s Dark Tower cover and watch what happens.

If you’ve got an especially interesting background, tweet a screengrab to @Breznican.

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