Scoop on the season from New York Comic Con

Fresh off the news that Fox had cut their season from 13 episodes to 10, the cast and crew of Minority Report appeared at New York Comic Con over the weekend, where they sat down with EW’s Kyle Anderson to talk about the what’s in store for the remaining episodes.

Stars Meagan Good, Stark Sands, Nick Zano, Wilmer Valderrama, Laura Regan, Li Jun Li, and Daniel London, along with executive producer Max Borenstein, said that now is an appropriate time for the franchise to return.

“We’re at peak paranoia and we’re also dealing with the reality of the difficulty of policing and the job of police officers in this world,” Borenstein said.

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“The movie dealt really with that trade-off between security and freedom, and in our show, we take it to a really personal level,” Borenstein added, referring to the three Precogs (played by Good, Sands, and Zano) who see visions of people being murdered in the future. “They know if they do nothing to intervene, those futures will come to pass,” Borenstein said. “They face this question of how would you deal with that ethically and morally.”

Check out the video above to hear more about hand choreography, milk baths, and which of the characters will turn dark.

Minority Report airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.


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