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Heads rolled at New York Comic Con on Sunday when Sleepy Hollow hit the Main Stage. Stars Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills), Zach Appelman (Joe Corbin), and Nikki Reed (Betsy Ross) were joined by executive producer Raven Metzner, while one familiar face checked in from afar. Here’s what the cast and crew had to say about the season to come:

1. There’s a turncoat in our midst.

Metzner offered these three cryptic but intriguing teases about the characters’ futures: Crane will “face a nemesis of his that he really can’t stand,” Abbie “is going to come under some pretty serious fire” at her new job, and, most importantly, “someone in our extended crew is going to switch sides.”

2. The Bones crossover will still have that Sleepy Hollow feel.

When asked about the series’ upcoming crossover with Bones, Metzner said that the Bones writers’ room had been in touch “from the very beginning, and they’ve been really generous and open … I was on the Bones set with some of our characters,” Metzner said. “Our characters are very well protected, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

3. There’s another crossover Metzner wants to believe in.

“That would be awesome,” Metzner gushed when a fan asked about a potential X-Files crossover down the road. “We have a lot of genre fans in our [writers’] room … And The X-Files is one that we talk about because of its great mix of mythology and these solid standalone episodes. We talk about how they did that so well and continued to do that for all of these years.” But for now, he said, the focus is on making the Bones crossover a hit.

4. Nikki Reed has read up on Betsy Ross.

Reed, who noted that this is her first time playing a historical figure, said that her first question to the writers was about what kind of research they’d done and what she could do. She did her homework — including checking out a book by Ross’ grandson — but said that “at the end of the day, the beauty of this is that you realize that in the world you create, while there are definitely components that must be accurate, you do have the creative freedom to bring to life whatever you want her to be.” As for Greenwood, every day on set is a learning experience: “I’m Canadian, so I’ve been learning a lot of American history from the show.”

5. Ichabod Crane seeing Hamilton? Don’t rule it out.

There’s a list on the writers’ wall, Metzner says, of places where they’d like their characters to go, and New York is on it.

6. Tom Mison doesn’t approve of Appelman’s English accent.

One member of the team who couldn’t be present was Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), who was unable to make the trip to New York after his production schedule changed. But Mison was watching — Appelman revealed that the actor emailed him a message to the audience, then texted him not to look at it until he took the stage. Adopting a clipped English accent, Appelman read:

“Dear Sleepyheads, I wish I could’ve been there with you to watch that episode that we’ve all seen before, but alas, I had to remain in Atlanta for the weekend. I think we can all agree that the panel in front of you is all the more impressive without my hairy mug gurning at you, and it’s nice that it’s made up entirely of women. Although I agree Zach’s reading of this letter is a little lackluster, perhaps together we can spruce up this dead-eyed performance a bit. On the count of three, all shout, ‘Show us your pecs Zach!’ One, two, three. Come on, you can all do better than that. One, two, three. That’s much better. But God, I hope he didn’t.”

Midway through the panel, Appelman commented that Mison had texted him again: “That accent was a disgrace.”

Check out the cast talking about the upcoming season above and watch more interviews from Comic Con below.

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