By Jessica Derschowitz
Updated October 10, 2015 at 05:07 PM EDT

It’s not easy being the Dark One.

Once Upon a Time’s Jennifer Morrison stopped by Entertainment Weekly’s Sirius XM studio during New York Comic-Con on Friday, where she spoke about the inner conflict Emma goes through after taking on the Darkness.

“We now have this character that has this incredible capacity for light, because she was prophesized to be the savior in all this, but now she’s dealing with being consumed with Darkness. So there’s this internal struggle that’s going on,” Morrison explained.

The actress added that season 5 of OUAT will jump in time between Emma grappling with whether to surrender to the Darkness and totally giving in to it.

Morrison previously told EW that this dark version of Emma is “incredibly different” from the character viewers already know.

“There was always this fight within her to be able to overcome things and try to be a stronger, better person, and now that she has this Darkness within her, her instincts are to be selfish, which has never been her instincts as good Emma. That immediately changes every decision, and it immediately changes the way that she is capable of being manipulative, and conniving, and vindictive,” she said. “All of those things were things that she was constantly pushing down and not dealing with as good Emma and overcoming and making the good, positive choice. And now, because she has that Darkness fueling her, when she’s faced with decisions, unfortunately, the selfishness is what’s pushing forward first.”

Watch the video above to hear more about the “very serious conversations” had on-set about magic, studying the psychology behind fairy tales, and how being the Dark One is like being in Fight Club.

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