There are scenes in Mr. Robot that can be just a little intense.

And for the cast, it’s even more intense. EW caught up with creator Sam Esmail and the cast at New York Comic-Con, where talked about how exactly they recover after shooting one of those scenes.

Carly Chaikin, who plays Darlene, had it worst when shooting a scene with her on-screen ex-boyfriend until nearly 3 a.m.

“It was so emotional, and I just went home, just went right into bed, and was just like staring at the wall and couldn’t do anything,” Chaikin says. “It’s hard though, because you still have a life you still need to be present for. It’s a really tricky thing: You live in a different world more so than you actually do in real life. It’s a very tricky thing and very emotionally draining. I don’t know how Rami [Malek] still is like, ‘Hey guys!’ “

Portia Doubleday, who plays Elliott’s (Malek) best friend, points to the support group within the cast to endure the trying scenes. “I feel like what we have going for us is supporting each other during all of it,” she adds. “That, at least, made the whole process easy.”

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Malek echoes Doubleday: “It is an immense amount of support we have between one other. Everybody’s always checking in and that’s a great place to go to work. I love playing the role, but working with everybody here and our crew, it’s a really artistic place to go.

The veteran actor who plays the titular character, Christian Slater, loves the thrill of it all: “This is a great experience, to have characters we can immerse ourselves in. What’s kind of every actor’s dream-come-true sort of situation. We like to be tested and pushed and put through a lot of hurdles.”

Martin Wallström, who plays Tyrell, says there’s one thing that makes it easier: The show is good. “Knowing we do something that is thrilling and we felt this is going to be good, it’s so much easier than when you’re working with something that’s like, ‘Well, hope it’s going to be good!'” he says.

See the full interview above. Mr. Robot returns in 2016 for season 2, which they refused to tease.


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