By Shirley Li
October 09, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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He promised he’d be back — and he will be. Bradley Cooper, who plays Senator and presidential hopeful Eddie Morra, is set to return to Limitless in episode 6 airing Oct. 27, executive producer Craig Sweeny revealed at the New York Comic Con panel for the show Friday afternoon.

“We are subject to the whims of Bradley’s schedule,” Sweeny told the audience before rolling a clip of the appearance. In Cooper’s return, Morra again coaches Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) through another NZT-powered adventure, but also reveals to him that he may not be out to ruin Brian’s life, only to test him. (See the preview below.) 

At the panel, McDorman and his Limitless costar Jennifer Carpenter — who plays FBI Agent Rebecca Harris — joined Sweeny in revealing some behind-the-scenes intel on the drama about a man who takes a designer drug to gain unlimited access to his memory and intelligence, making him the perfect consultant for the FBI. Aside from revealing Cooper’s return date, the trio also explained how Brian and Rebecca’s relationship isn’t and won’t ever be romantic; they’re just close partners who understand each other. “I always look at Rebecca as Brian’s closest thing,” McDorman said. “She’s too many things to be labeled as the romantic interest. I don’t think that would be a smart move.” 

“That’s sort of the expectation when there’s a man and a woman,” Carpenter added. “But it’s not, and I thought that was funny.” 

In that vein, the core relationship at the center of Limitless echoes that of Sherlock and Joan’s on Elementary, another CBS drama about a super-smart protagonist. Naturally, a fan wanted to know if Brian would be able to defeat Sherlock — not in a battle of wits, but in a fist fight. McDorman, though, went the pacifist route, saying he’d rather not beat up Jonny Lee Miller. “He’s awesome,” the actor said. “He was in Trainspotting!”

As for future episodes, the team also revealed that characters other than Brian and Eddie will eventually take the pill, and that even though McDorman may seem to be playing two roles in one — Brian-on-NZT and Regular Brian — they don’t take after a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde vibe. Instead, it’s the mannerisms that differ. To get into the mindset of NZT Brian, McDorman explained, he changes the cadence of his dialogue and begins to shift his posture until he seems more alert and “on,” “like you’re looking at the Matrix code.” 

Of course, many in the audience were Dexter fans and directed their questions at Carpenter, who played Debra Morgan on the long-running drama about a serial killer. The actress explained that the shift to Limitless has been a “big change,” even if her character on the show is a detective similar to her Dexter character, because Limitless requires her to shoot double the amount of episodes. Plus, she’s no longer cursing as frequently as Debra did on Dexter. “I do [curse], but it’s just not on camera,” Carpenter joked. “I’m keeping the F-bombs sharp … it’s a fun tool.” 

Limitless airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. 

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