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It’s not easy being the devil, especially when the act you have to follow is the pilot of Supergirl. At New York Comic-Con on Thursday, Warner Bros. screened a few upcoming TV dramas, and Fox’s Lucifer not only debuted after a rousing screening of the highly anticipated CBS superhero drama, but also replaced the originally planned screening for another highly anticipated superhero show, The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. (Much to the annoyance of attendees.)

Yet, like the wickedly charming lothario at the center of the show, Lucifer captivated the audience, even after several groups of fans trickled out when Supergirl ended. Starring Welsh actor Tom Ellis (Miranda) as Lucifer Morningstar (yes, that is his name), the series, based on characters from DC’s Vertigo imprint, follows the Lord of Hell himself as he takes an above-ground vacation around Los Angeles, using his handsome, playboy image and special abilities to help the LAPD solve crimes. It may be a far-fetched concept, but the NYCC crowd loved the dark humor, devilish puns, and delightful star. Below, a roundup of Twitter reactions from fans who watched the screening:

Still, the series has faced criticism from fans of the original comic-book character, as the Lucifer Morningstar of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and Mike Carey’s Lucifer isn’t exactly the star of a procedural — more like a charismatic supernatural being who tries to bring free will to the humans he’s dealt with for so long. Luckily, the charisma remains a constant across media. Oh, and there’s also this:

Lucifer will air on Fox in 2016.

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