9 photos capture the San Diego Convention Center's dining diversity

By James Hibberd
Updated July 13, 2015 at 07:01 PM EDT

Star Wars does not rule Comic-Con. Or Game of Thrones, or Marvel or DC. People who spend four days of their lives in the San Diego Convention Center each July know that the real Emperor of the Con is none other than chocolate chip overlord Mrs. Fields. While movies, shows and costumes change every year, the one Lost-like Constant of SDCC is oddly eternal and strangely repetitive insulin-spiking food options inside the Convention Center where fans are often trapped all day because they don’t want to miss their favorite panels. For instance, here is a Mrs. Fields cart which sells a variety of cookies and soda:

Here is another Mrs. Fields cart:

Here is yet another Mrs. Fields … across from another Mrs. Fields. This way you have a choice.

It’s not all Mrs. Fields carts. There are also a couple Auntie Anne’s Pretzels carts. Bonus: The pretzel carts also have cookies. I strongly suspect the cookies are made by Mrs. Fields.

Likewise, there are a couple Starbucks carts to help wash down said cookies:

Now we’re talking! Here is the Cafe Express counter. This is the semi-healthy cart, because there are melon cups and bananas amid the baked goods. True, fruit is also sugar, but at least it’s “good” sugar, right?

The lunch counter way in the back of the enormous convention floor has the most extensive menu. Also, who drinks Snapple anymore?

A desperate man buys food for his children. I suspect they asked him what a Snapple is.

And finally: Dessert!