By Will Robinson
July 12, 2015 at 09:15 PM EDT
John Shearer/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Sophie Turner singing Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love.” Daniel Radcliffe and Matt Smith hanging out — before Smith shook Dr. Who successor Peter Capaldi’s hand. The Workaholics guys playing mini-golf. These are “Only at Comic-Con” moments.

Stars hung out at Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con Bash, which was held Saturday at Float at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel across the street from the Convention Center. The Con’s sprawling home housed days of panels, footage debuts, and cosplayers that make define the convention for the average attendee, celebrity or otherwise. It stands out as something unique to the week in San Diego. The outward fandom affection really struck some stars and rookie Con-goers.

“Seeing the Convention Center itself was like, ‘Whoa, this is intense,’ and seeing people walking down the street in costumes all day is kind of like the marker that you’re here,” Scream Queens star Abigail Breslin told EW on the party’s red carpet.

But dressing to show love for a show has no boundaries. No one found out better this week about that fact than Emily Hampshire.

“We had our panel, and some girl asked a question, and I looked at her, and she was wearing my character’s outfit. It was the most amazing experience of my life,” the 12 Monkeys actress told EW. “My character on the show does these drawings of monkeys and animals and stuff, and she had replicated the drawings. She drew them all last night, and her mom sewed the shirt.”

Some dive right into the madness and have fun with it. Adam Savage makes an annual game out of roaming the floors of the hall adorned in an outfit.

“Every year, I have a scavenger hunt to find me called ‘Adam Incognito,'” the Mythbusters host, a Comic-Con vet, explained. “I put on a very elaborate costume — Hellboy, or the Alien suit — and I challenge people to find me.”

David Gyasi of Containment hit his first SDCC after a London convention, so he was somewhat prepared. The transatlantic flight, though, cast a slight haze of delirium over his time.

“I came from London, so the first day was very jetlagged. I was trying to work out whether I was sleeping or walking past Chewbacca or sat eating with Chewbacca, or, ‘Is this really happening? Are we in my hotel room together?'” he said. “‘It feels a little bit like a dream. Oh, there’s a mermaid. Of course there’s a mermaid. Brilliant. She’s handing me my drink.'”

Some, like Paul Scheer, took time to notice the smaller things. The pet-related things — his true sign of a dedicated fan.

“The thing I’m constantly amazed at is meeting the people who get really into their own costumes and pull their dogs into the act. So those are the people I know who have really brought the heat,” he said. “I saw a Jedi dog, a dog in a robe. I saw a dog riding a motorcycle — that’s really hard to do. I really like a dog in costume.”

Scheer wasn’t a first-timer this convention, but he had the best adventure ever at his first Con.

“The first year I was ever here, I snuck backstage in Hall H and pretended like I was a part of a panel to get backstage with the cast of Iron Man,” he revealed. “I made it backstage, no one questioned me, because I just walked with a lot of purpose, and I stood back there and watched the Iron Man panel. It was very exciting.”

The allure of Robert Downey Jr. encourages extreme measures. Never forget that.

Reporting by C. Molly Smith.


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