By James Hibberd
Updated July 12, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Adam Savage has done it again. The Mythbusters host went incognito among the Comic-Con crowds again this year, but this time there was a twist: He brought a partner — the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space, Chris Hadfield — and together they wore matching spacesuits based on Stanley Kubrick’s classic 2001.

Here’s photos of how it all went down with Savage and self-described Comic-Con newbie Hadfield (including the duo impressing a surprised The Martian author Andy Weir).

“This is the first year I’m doing incognito with a partner,” Savage told EW. “I’ve been building this suit from 2001 for five years now. It was close to completion when Chris called me up.”

Luckily, whenever Savage builds anything, he tends to build more than one of them. Yet he says he wasn’t planning on using the suits at Comic-Con all these years.

“I’m so focused on the goal and to make the research as accurate as possible,” Savage says. “I always know wearing the costume is the fulfillment of its purpose — it must be worn under some circumstance— and yet even in the middle of it I’m not thinking ‘Some day I’ll wear this at Comic-Con.’ I’m particularly excited about the cooling system, it’s a reciprocating pump of ice water and I’m very specifically interested in hearing the expert’s take on how effective it is.”

The one intentional tweak Savage made to the exterior design: Adding a mirror tint to the visor so fans couldn’t spot him on the convention floor. “A lot of people who go hunting for high-quality costumes and go, ‘Hey, is that Adam?’ and I’m hoping having two of us will throw people off.”

Check out this video of Adam’s day at Comic-Con:

Here’s one of the originals suit from the film, which also came in yellow and red:

Photos from Norman Chan/