Credit: Andrew Cooper

Quentin Tarantino and seven of The Hateful Eight came to Hall H with extensive footage from the snowscaped western, which will release on Christmas. (Samuel L. Jackson was absent, though he appeared in a special video that screened before the panel.) Because this was a Tarantino joint, it was a boistrous and film-drunk affair, mixing together a pocket history of 65 mm. There were some familiar questions with some occasionally new answers. Forthwith, the most Tarantino-esque moments of this year’s Tarantino panel.

—Before showing off footage, there was an extended video tour through the history of 70 mm and the roadshow presentation process. The Hateful Eight shot in the extra-large film and will screen in about 100 theaters across the country in that beloved-by-cinephile format. This footage included Jackson saying things like “Here’s what makes 70 mm so glorious!” and “Which will make your enhanced viewing…even doper!” and “Christmas, Tarantino-Style!”

—Tim Roth, on the difference between filming digitally and filming on film: “We’re in a movie. We’re not in a hard drive.”

—The footage from Hateful Eight introduced the eight lead characters. More importantly for film fans: It was set to Ennio Morricone’s score from The Thing, another paranoid frozen thriller starring Hateful Eight‘s Kurt Russell. MOST IMPORTANT FOR FILM FANS: Tarantino announced that Morricone himself is writing the score for Hateful Eight. “This will be his first Western score in 40 years.”

—Will Tarantino ever make Kill Bill Volume 3? “We’ll see,” he said. “Never say never. Uma would really like to do it. We talk about it every once in a while.”

—Will he make another Western? “You have to make at least three Westerns to call yourself a Western director,” he said. “Anything else, you’re just dabbling in a genre. I will eventually make three Westerns.”

—Will he follow through on his stated plan to retire after 10 films? “I might just say to hell with it and make 15,” he teased. “Who knows?” He brought up his oft-stated theory that digital projection was just TV in public…but with a new twist. “If that becomes what movies become, then I can move to television. And then, maybe there’s 10 movies and three miniseries…If I could write a story and it ends up being eight hours, then all good.”

—Moderator Chris Hardwick asked Bruce Dern how he came to the Hateful Eight production. “I fit into the story,” said the veteran actor, “Because, I think, the kid grew up watching me be a jerk on television.” Dern then praised his director in terms guaranteed to make Tarantino cry: “If he had a rival, it would only be Luchino Visconti.”

—Asked by an adorable little girl what was the favorite thing he ever wrote, Tarantino said it was the farmhouse scene that begins Inglorious Basterds. (Before that, it was the Sicilian speech from True Romance.)

—There was another little girl who asked a question, dressed in the yellow jumpsuit that the Bride wore in Kill Bill Volume 1, which means she was also dressed in the yellow jumpsuit Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death. She asked Tarantino if there was any anime in Hateful Eight. There is not. But it was still quite a moment.

The Hateful Eight

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