'I'm doing it for the f--king kids.'

By Christopher Rosen
Updated July 10, 2015 at 03:33 PM EDT

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t just cover Cher during her Thursday appearance on Conan, she also said a whole bunch of sh-t. Quite literally.

As host Conan O’Brien said, Lawrence is known as a world-class swearer. “You, more than almost anyone I’ve met, you’ll just throw out the swears like a sailor on shore leave,” O’Brien said. But her “potty mouth,” as O’Brien called it, can sometimes work for good. To illustrate that fact, the host pulled out a swear jar (labeled “Swearing is Caring”) and challenged Lawrence to say as many curses as she could in 30 seconds for a charitable cause.

“I’m doing it for the f–king kids,” Lawrence said. Her skills earned $10,000 for an unnamed charity of her choice. Watch the bleeped version of her work below.

And because it’s 2015, a Conan audience member captured Lawrence cursing on a cell phone. That uncensored video can be spied at Uproxx.