By Amanda Michelle Steiner
July 10, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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According to the stars and executive producers of the Comedy Central historical satire, Another Period is Joss Whedon’s favorite new show.

Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome stopped by the Entertainment Weekly Lounge at Comic-Con on Friday to tell us that Whedon is one of their biggest fans and has been passionate about the series ever since he saw the pilot two years ago.

And they’re not being hyperbolic: With all the many buzzy projects happening at Comic-Con, Whedon chose to moderate Another Period‘s panel — a ringing endorsement, to be sure.

Set in 1902, Another Period is like if the Kardashians moved into Downton Abbey, says Lindhome. The mockumentary follows two socialite sisters, Lillian and Beatrice, who are basically terrible people — when the girls feel threatened by their new maid, Celine (played by Christina Hendricks), they decide to rename her “Chair.” 

Currently in its freshman season, Another Period is definitely worth your time — unless your time is less valuable than the creator of BuffyFirefly and Angel, as well as the writer and director of two Avengers films, among a host of other Comic-Con-friendly franchises … but it’s fine, we’re sure you’re very busy. 

Check out the full interview above to hear about how Leggero and Lindhome conceived the project — the process involved wine, naturally — and why they’re so proud to have created a show that’s so different from anything else out there. 

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