The show celebrated Comic-Con with a trailer and a season 6 renewal.
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Tyler Posey had two big surprises for his fans at Comic Con — he wore a gun-revealing tank top on stage and announced the show’s been renewed for a sixth season.

“I want it to go on forever,” cooed Posey (Scott McCall), who occasionally teased the fans who filled Ballroom 20 by threatening to raise his shirt to show off his abs. (Sadly for them, it never happened.)

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who love the on-air chemistry between Posey and Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles Stilinski. Moderator Kevin Smith asked the guys if that bromance was real and they confirmed it with big hug (seriously) and stories of spending the night at each other’s house (again, totally true).

“It’s really rare to have a genuine relastionship, there can be so many versions,” said O’Brien of the relationship they quickly cultivated during the making of the pilot. “We are just like brothers.”

But bad news is on the horizon: Showrunner Jeff Davis teased that Theo (Cody Christian) causes a rift between Scott and Stiles that could mean an end — at least temporarily — to the bromance. At least Posey tempered any worry of a breakup with the possibility of a (major?) comeback. After a fan talked about missing Derek Hale, played by Tyler Hoechlin, Posey actually got the actor on speakerphone so he could address the crowd.

Hoechlin’s reaction was perfect: he said he not only misses the show but wants to come back. Your move, MTV!

And last but not least, the panel featured a mid-season trailer that gave fans a glimpse at what’s to come, including major trouble for Scott and Kira. Watch it below:

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