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Updated July 09, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Will Forte and the few other remaining people on the planet will take the stage today at Comic-Con to discuss season 1 of the end-of-the-world comedy Last Man on Earth and drop a few hints about season 2, which debuts Sept. 27 on Fox. Let’s get you up to speed.

Where we left off: Kicked out of the cul-de-sac by new Phil (Boris Kudjoe), our original Phil (Will Forte) was dropped by the side of the road outside of town. Suddenly, ex-wife Carol (Kristen Schaal) drove up and invited him to head off with her into the Arizona sunset. Where are they going? Before we had time to guess, an even bigger cliffhanger presented itself: Phil’s brother (Jason Sudeikis) was revealed to be alive, floating around in space.

What we know about next season: Forte — who is also the show’s creator, as well as a writer/executive producer — told EW back in May that he sees possibility in Phil & Carol. “They’re still totally different people and they have such different world views, we still think it’s going to be really fun to see how they act as a couple,” he said.

Fear not, the rest of the gang will still be kicking around as well. “Obviously we’re not going to not show Mary Steenburgen or Cleopatra [Coleman] or Mel [Rodriguez] or January [Jones] or Boris [Kodjoe],” Forte said. “They’re so important to the show. There’s a lot of room for play and it opens us up to having some time where the characters are once again in a very desolate situation… . It is entirely possible that Phil and Carol could be living somewhere else for the whole season, and we’re checking in on the different people. But I would think that they would somehow rendez-vous at some point earlier in the season.”

And as for Phil’s astronaut brother? “I don’t see him being up in space forever,” Forte noted, adding: “He used to live in Tucson as well, so it seems natural that he might try to go back and see what’s going on with his hometown.”

Comic-Con burning question: When will Phil reunite with his brother? And, um, where is Phil?

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