San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Credit: SAM HODGSON for EW

Comic-Con’s annual Zombie Walk has been canceled following a 2014 incident that left one woman injured after she was hit by a car.

“For everyone inquiring about whether there is a walk this year, the simple answer is no, there will not be a walk this year,” read a post on the Zombie Walk Facebook page. “The event is on indefinite hiatus due to legal matters stemming from the vehicular incident following last year’s walk.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the driver of the vehicle, Matthew Pocci Jr., is set to stand trial on Oct. 13 after being charged with felony reckless driving causing bodily injury. Pocci said that his passengers became frightened by zombie walk participants after they banged on his car, and he drove through an intersection to get away from the crowd. (As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Pocci has filed his own suit against the city of San Diego.)

“It has been emotionally devastating to see the walk dragged through the mud in order to boost ratings and click counts for media outlets. As multiple witnesses have alleged and videos show, no ‘zombies’ were near/touching the car during the incident, so I’m confident justice will be served,” the Facebook post reads. “The support shown over the last several months has been very appreciated and will continue to be. The walk may return next year, but speculation is not invited at this time. Due to pending litigation, we ask that you refrain from commenting on this post (or our page), it is for informational purposes only.”

In lieu of a Zombie Walk, there will be a horror cosplay meet-up at 5 p.m. on Saturday at Children’s Park in San Diego. That event is not affiliated with Zombie Walk.

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