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Last week, we gave you the first image of Bruce Campbell back as Ash for Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead, as well as six pages from the Necronomicon (which I seriously hope you did not read out loud).

Now it’s time to keep this extremely bloody party going with two more exclusive images of Ash from the upcoming series. In the first one above, we see a post-confrontation Ash with new sidekick Pablo (Ray Santiago) in Ash’s car. And not just any car, but director Sam Raimi’s Delta — known affectionately as “the Classic” — from the original trilogy.

“Sam’s original Delta is back,” says Campbell. “I’m talking the ’73 Delta 88. The Classic is back! I’ve driven it. I did a William Shatner power-slide in that car. That’s the only spoiler I’m gonna give you: that Ash and that car — we can power-slide. I met William Shatner on the convention circuit, and I talked about T.J. Hooker. He talked to me about how he power-slides those cars in T.J. Hooker. So I took Shatner’s advice, and I used that advice to do a T.J. Hooker combo-platter — with the Classic — power-slide.”

In the second image, available below, we see a vintage-looking Ash action shot with our misfit hero clearly in the throes of battle. Campbell says you can expect plenty of mayhem along with plenty of typical Ash bravado. “There’s going to be a lot of the classic, over-the-top, in-your-face fullness, with a pretty trash-talking Ash,” says the star. “In a TV series, people gotta talk, so Ash will have more dialogue than he’s pretty much ever had. There’s a pretty high count of Ash’s classic one-liners. They’re back, and they’re strong, and they’re flourishing!”

Check out the second image below. And for more Ash vs. Evil Dead intel, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

Credit: Starz
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