Another year, another Comic-Con. The 2014 San Diego pop culture ultra-bonanza was a bit light on major “the next Superman movie is also a Batman movie”-esque reveals. But if the major studios and networks weren’t out in full force, they still showed off a significant amount of buzzworthy footage from the major projects that promise to define the next few cycles of cultural chatter. Below, the 10 best videos that made their debut during Comic-Con 2014.

10. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For redder-than-redband trailer

Running over three minutes long, the Dame to Kill For clip is a fifth-grade-fantasy compilation of guns, swords, car chases, tough dudes, naked-ish ladies, naked-ish ladies with swords and guns, crossbows, and Bruce Willis’ ghost. Can the movie possibly be any better?

9. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies trailer

Explicit pitch: “The Defining Chapter of the Middle-Earth Saga.” Implicit pitch: “The Hobbit movie where stuff actually happens.”

8. Arrow reveals a new villain

Arrow spent its first two seasons quietly building up an impressively expansive mythology–impressive mainly because even Green Arrow fans probably didn’t expect a TV series based on the Emerald Archer to build up such an elaborate character pantheon. The show’s Comic-Con trailer sees the CW series go Full Nolan, with the promise of introducing longtime DC Megabad Ra’s Al-Ghul into the Arrow mythos. If they pull it off, do we even need a Justice League movie?

7. Once Upon a Time reveals the truth behind the Frozen arc

It’s funny because it’s true.

6. Sleepy Hollow season 2

Several clips for Fox’s sophomore supernatural drama played at the Sleepy Hollow panel. EW got to share the above video with fans, which confirms that–if nothing else–the show is still finding new and exciting ways to prominently feature the Headless Horseman’s head.

5. Tusk

In which Kevin Smith makes a horror movie about a podcaster who gets Human Centipede‘d into a walrus. In Canada.

4. The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover

Pop culture eats itself.

3. The Walking Dead season 5

Question: Was there a cooler moment at Comic-Con than the shot at the end of this trailer, when Rick has a motherf—ing machine gun?

2. Mad Max: Fury Road trailer

Answer: Yes there was, and it was every moment from the full-crazy Fury Road preview. The biggest question mark coming into Comic-Con became the biggest winner of the weekend, at least in terms of pre-vs-post-Con buzz differential. Before Comic-Con: “There’s a new Mad Max movie?” After Comic-Con: “OH MY GOD ALL THE CARS ALL THE TIME TOM HARDY CHARLIZE THERON WHAT.”

1. Everything that’s not online right now

Interstellar! Avengers: Age of Ultron! Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice! Hell, Warcraft! As usual, some of the biggest projects at SDCC showed off video that only attendees got to see. You can read descriptions of all the movies here and here and here and here–or seek out grainy unapproved smartphone-pointed-at-the-corner-of-the-screen footage–but the average civilian will have to wait a few months/a year to get a look at some of Comic-Con’s biggest hits. At least Interstellar comes out in November, which is only like a million years away.