True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made Bill confess to Sookie — who can't read vampire minds — that he let her…

True Blood is full of fantastical beings: Witches, fairies, werewolves, and, of course, vampires. But Stephen Moyer still wishes were-tigers could have been included in the HBO show’s seven season run. “I was a bit sad that we didn’t get to see that,” he said of a scene from the original books where Sookie rides through a swamp on a were-tiger. Spin-off, anyone?

Rutina Wesley, Anna Paquin, Chris Bauer, and Moyer stopped by EW‘s Comic-Con Hideout to talk about the what other creatures they wanted to see on the show, the series’ final season, and how Paquin (colorfully) celebrated the end of filming.

Entertainment Weekly: I’m here with the cast of True Blood here at Comic-Con 2014. Guys, I’m so sad, we’re going into the tail end of True Blood‘s final season here. Anna Paquin, how are you feeling about it? Have you made peace with it yet?

Anna Paquin: So far, it doesn’t really feel like any other year. Because we do this every year. You know, we wrap sort of early July, then we have Comic-Con, and then we have a few other bits and pieces. What will be weird is November when we’re not going back to work. However, I did celebrate my hair’s return to being my own property.

No more dyeing it.

AP: No, I will be dyeing it. This week, we’re on purple and blue.

True Blood kind of began with vampires, then we were steadily introduced to so many other fantastical creatures that kind of entered into the True Blood landscape. What creatures do you wish could have gotten introduced in seven seasons of True Blood?

AP: Were-owls.

Stephen Moyer: We had owls. There were, I believe it’s book five, there were were-tigers. And there was actually a sequence where Sookie rides a were-tiger through a swamp. And I was bit sad that we didn’t get to see that.

Ride it through a swamp? Why exactly?

AP: Rewind, rewind. There’s a were-tiger. And you’re question is, why the swamp?

Deborah, sort of the same question. Is there anything that True Blood never got around to that you wish you could have seen? Seven seasons is quite long, but in some ways, it’s not quite long enough.

Deborah Ann Woll: Also with this show, at least as an actor, you get to hit every emotional beat you could ever possibly want, from euphoria, to depression, to despair. I don’t feel like, on the scale of what I got to do, I missed out on very much.

The show has been such a sensation for so long. What was the moment you knew True Blood was going to be something that would live for awhile?

Chris Bauer: I don’t know, we’re still waiting for this thing to take off. It was kind of gradual, though. We loved it so much that I don’t think, as soon as you recognize that it was a deal, that was kind of the beginning of the end. So I kind of liked the idea of us trying every season to make it better.

Now you were saying this is your first Comic-Con. Now I know everyone else has been here before. Have you seen anyone cosplaying your characters while you’ve been here?

AP: In the autograph line, there’s usually quite a few.

What’s the most popular costume?

AP: Miscellaneous Merlotte’s waitress.

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True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made Bill confess to Sookie — who can't read vampire minds — that he let her…
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