Here’s a pleasant surprise: Bert, Cookie Monster, and Murray came to the EW Hideout at San Diego Comic-Con all the way from Sesame Street. They were pretty excited to be there, and really, really like comic books. Except for Bert. He’s into bottle caps.

Unfortunately, there’s no booth for that at the convention, but that’s okay—wait ’til you see how excited they all get when they find out there’s a Justice League movie.

Also, Bert has seen Entourage. Who knew they even allowed HBO over at Sesame Street?

EW: I am here with the cast of Sesame Street here at Comic-Con. Cookie Monster, Bert, and Murray. Bert, how are you enjoying Comic-Con?

Bert: I just feel like I’m here with my people. Yes, my people. You know, all the geeks and outcasts, you know. That’s me.

Bert, I had no idea. Bert, what are you geeky about exactly?

Bert: I love comic books. But mostly, I love bottle caps. Bottle caps and pigeons.

Murray: I don’t think anyone here in San Diego is into the bottle caps. I haven’t seen one bottle cap booth.

Bert: No, you gotta go to the whole bottle cap convention. Bot-Con.

Murray: Bot-Con. I don’t that is bottle caps. I don’t think it is. I think that’s Bot-Cap-Con.

Bert: Oh, maybe. I don’t know, I don’t know. You might be right.

I’m sorry, Bert, that sounds pretty traumatic. To kind of lighten things up a little bit here, I hear you had some visitors recently over at Sesame Street.

Cookie Monster: Janelle Monáe. We sang with her!

Murray: She sang with everybody on the whole street. She sang about the power of yet. Do you know what the power of yet is?

No, I don’t. What is it?

Murray: It means if you can’t do something right—say you’re not really good at doing interviews, but don’t worry about it, you’ll get better. With the power of yet.

Bert: You will get better. Keep trying.

Cookie Monster: You can do it!

Someday I will! Someday I will!

Bert: You can’t just do it yet.

Murray: No, he can. He will.

Cookie Monster: Maybe by end of interview it will be terrific.

I hope so. Cookie Monster, who did you meet recently?

Cookie Monster: Me worked with Sir Ian McKellen. Me worked with a sir.

Murray: He has one magnetic personality. Are you more of a Magneto guy or what is the other thing he plays in Lord of the Rings?


Murray: Are you a Gandalf guy, Darren, or a Magneto?

Boy, that’s a tough question. I think I’m more of a Magneto. What about you, Murray?

Murray: I’m an X-Men guy. I go with those guys.

Murray, who’s your favorite X-Man?

Murray: The beast! Because he’s all furry.

Okay, but besides the furry guys, who’s your favorite X-Man?

Murray: Oh, this is a tough one. You know what? Quicksilver! Gotta go with Quicksilver. Did you see that scene? That scene was the best scene in any movie of the summer!

Bert: Oh, that was great special effects.

Cookie Monster: Me not see that one.

Murray: Quicksilver! Sorry, Avengers. Not going to be as good.

Oh wow, Murray.

Murray: In my mind, it’s always going to be the guy in the the X-Men.

Well, Murray, you know you seem to have so many thoughts about superhero movies. Are you excited about the Justice League movie coming out soon?

Murray: Am I excited about the—there’s a Justice League—what?! Is Aquaman in it? Is Aquaman in it?

Aquaman is being played by the guy who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones.

Murray: Get out. Really?

Bert: What about the guy from Entourage?

He’s not in it.

Murray: They recast him? Aww.

Bert: They recast him already.

Cookie Monster: Sorry, Bert.

And then they recast Jake Gyllenhaal after that. So I’m sorry, guys. So are you guys fans of Entourage? Bert, you were kind of throwing out some Entourage knowledge there.

Bert: I just read Entertainment Weekly, that’s all.

Murray: We watch the preschool version. It’s three minutes long.

What about, Murray, we were talking about some visitors. We have Janelle Monáe coming up…

Cookie Monster: We have One Direction!

Did you guys sing with One Direction?

Murray: We did, we got to sing with One Direction.

What did you sing?

Bert: You didn’t know this, but they have an alphabet song. They wrote an alphabet song.

Cookie Monster: You sang with them, right, Bert?

Murray: “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.”And they sang for the letter “U,” you know what starts with “U”? Unibrow. Show ’em!

I actually learned something today! I didn’t learn how to be a good interviewer, but I did learn about the letter “U.”

Murray: That’s what happens here at Entertainment Weekly. Everybody learns a little something.

Cookie Monster: Educational.

Murray, Bert, Cookie Monster, thank you so much for visiting us here. Hope to see you guys again soon. Stick around for more fun, probably going to be less furry fun, here at the EW Comic-Con Hideout.

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