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“Who is Red Reddington?” asked several giant-sized posters spread around last year’s Comic-Con. That was before the debut of NBC’s The Blacklist, everyone’s new favorite James Spader Delivery System, which became a shining freshman star in a rough TV season. But even though the show was a success, in some ways, it never quite answered that central question. Or anyhow, it never provided final clarity on one key mystery: Is Red actually the long-thought-dead father of FBI agent Elizabeth Keen?

Don’t expect a for-sure answer to that question anytime soon. At the Blacklist‘s 2014 Comic-Con panel, Spader and producers Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath scotched any notion of definitively answering the Keen Paternity question anytime soon. “Whatever that relationship is between Elizabeth Keene and Raymond REddington is not the most significant question to be answered,” said Spader. “What the show is about–and it creeps up on you–is: What is the nature of their relationship now?”

Bokenkamp elaborated: “The question of who Raymond Reddington is to Elizabeth Keene is central to the conceit of the show,” he explained. “It’s a question we will continue to answer and continue to explore. It’s certainly not anything we want to be answering.”

“Do you guys really want to know?” asked Eisendrath. The crowd unanimously screamed “yes.”

More quick hits from the Blacklist panel:

–The show will pick up with the Berlin plotline, the season 1 Big Bad played by Peter Stormare. “Berlin is clearly still out there,” said Bokenkamp. “We’ll see how our team is recovering, and grappling with this large question of who this man is, and what his relationship is to Red.”

–Mary-Louise Parker will play recurring character Naomi Hyland, who is (in Bokenkamp’s words) “tied inextricably to Reddington.” They also teased that Alan Alda will maybe-probably return.

–”Is Tom dead?” asked the moderator. “I suppose that’s a question!” answered Bokenkamp.

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