Ginnifer Goodwin
Credit: C Flanigan/FilmMagic

To cap off a long weekend of vampires, zombies, and things catching fire, Entertainment Weekly transformed the fourth floor of San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel for its annual Comic-Con bash. The party, held at the hotel’s rooftop lounge FLOAT, brought together stars like Joe Manganiello, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Ian Somerhalder for a comic book-themed celebration complete with bold graphics, colorful candy stations, and a dazzling pool filled with thousands of ping pongs because…why not?

“To be honest, [the best thing about Comic-Con] is staying out late…and seeing my friends,” explained actress, web series master, and Comic-Con vet Felicia Day. “This is like our summer camp. The EW party is always the crowning jewel, let’s be honest.”

For some stars, pop culture’s most mega of events was a bit imposing. “I’m a little overwhelmed,” said True Blood’s Anna Camp. “It’s very, very intense and there are so many fans. We met girls today that had actual fangs. They got extensions!”

And as always with Comic-Con, costumes were a popular topic of conversation on the red carpet. “Seeing a 10-foot tall Chewbacca walking the halls was cool,” Sleepy Hollow director Len Wiseman told EW. “The costumes are getting really professional now.”

For Once Upon a Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin, it wasn’t so much about what the fans were wearing; it was what they chose not to wear: “I’m always shocked by how revealing some of the costumes are. My Southern grandmas would be just beside themselves.”

Of course, it doesn’t always take an elaborate costume to elicit a reaction. “Someone thought I was Moby,” said Community’s Jim Rash. “I just let them scream for Moby and I didn’t react, so they’d think, ‘Oh man, Moby is a jerk.’”