Vin Diesel returned to Comic-Con today for the first time in over a decade to talk about Riddick. The panel went well, with an extended look at the space-horror threequel’s very R-Rated thrills. Then, as the moderator was wrapping up, thanking the audience and the panelists, Diesel insisted on taking just one more question from the audience. A Comic-Con attendee dressed in an Iron Man shirt approached the mike: “Every movie you get in, you become the face of that franchise. What is your vision for the upcoming Marvel movies?” The question was, of course, a reference to Diesel’s recent Facebook posts about mysterious meetings with the company behind Avengers.

Diesel grinned. It was clear he didn’t entirely know how to respond to the question; it was equally clear that he badly wanted to respond to the question. Would he be voicing Thanos? Or Rocket Raccoon? Or, as the question-asker implied, possibly taking on the role of android Vision in Avengers 2? In the end, Diesel quietly admitted: “There is some very big news coming at the end of this month.” He concluded, laughing: “Poor Marvel. Poor, poor Marvel.”

With Marvel Studios’ annual bringing-down-the-house Comic-Con session slated for tomorrow, they could, theoretically, announce a role for Diesel then. Given that Guardians of the Galaxy just started filming, a role in next year’s space-superteam movie isn’t out of the question. Or maybe they’re announcing a crossover between the Marvel universe Fast & Furious universe, which I will henceforth refer to as the FastFurioverse. Stay tuned for more.