The Project: Fox’s Bones

The Panel: Executive producer Ian Toynton,executive producer Hart Hanson, David Boreanaz, and Emily Deschanel

Footage screened: A sizzle reel, with lots of screaming people finding victims.

The Big Revelations:

+ Get ready for a wedding! In fact, Boreanaz gave fans a preview by inviting Deschanel to the front of the stage and “proposing” to her. “I think it will be better scripted,” Hanson quipped.

+ Hanson on the introduction of a preist from Booth’s past: “Everybody’s mad at Booth so he seeks out someone he can talk to.”

+ The title of the premiere is “The Secret in the Proposal” and it is set three months after we last saw Booth and Brennan. “The relationship between them will be slightly different and the relationship will be pushed to a different place,” said Toynton. “They’re in a serious place.”

+ Boreanaz on serial killer Christopher Pelant: “He’s a little old; he needs to go fast.”

+ SPOILER ALERT! “Hart, do you have an idea of how he will die?” asked the moderator. “Oh, yeah…..crap,” Hanson. Yup, apparently the evil hacker will meet his end this season — we think. “Pelant might not die,” Hanson said later, attempting (unsuccessfully) to backtrack.

+ New squinterns might be on the way — if the show loses one of theirs to another project! “We’re always ready in case someone gets a new job,” Hanson said. And in case that happens, he’s ready with an idea for the new squintern, who he described as “someone in a wheelchair who is just unbearable.”

+ The second episode is an undercover episode — Booth and Bones head to a couple’s retreat.

+ Hanson is working on an episode where we “see everyone as a young teen.”

Audience question that prompted a very honest response: “I want to know if Sweets is going to get back with Daisy,” a fan asked. Hanson replied, “I don’t want to tell you.”

Watch a season 9 sneak peek below: