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The Project: Battlestar Galactica 35th Anniversary

The Panel: Richard Hatch (Capt. Apollo, Tom Zarek), Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama), Michael Nankin (director), Dr. Kevin Grazier (consultant), Michael Angeli (producer/writer), Kevin Murphy (producer/writer), Michael Taylor, Paul Leonard (producer), Lili Bordán (Dr. Becca Kelly)

Footage screened: Nothing was shown during the panel, but as fans were entering the room a series of retrospective interviews were broadcast on two large screens. The edit was new, but the footage drew heavily from the BSG 30th Anniversary.

Snap judgement: Battlestar may have been gone for quite some time, but hardcore fans still seemed as delighted to analyze their burning questions as the cast and creatives behind the show were to talk about them, particularly about Starbuck and her fate. Richard Hatch is a staple at these Battlestar get-togethers, but still manages to charm — especially as he gushed about how excited he was to work with Edward James Olmos, and how terrified he was of disappointing him. Actress Lili Bordán, the only woman on the stage, was silent throughout most of the panel. She only spoke when audience questions were cut off and the panel finally asked her what was on her plate next. Blood and Chrome is, apparently, not something that the audience was interested in talking about.

The Big Revelations: The end of a beloved show isn’t always a bad thing.

Most Incisive Audience Question: The fan who asked, very simply “what happened to Starbuck,” got some thunderous applause from the audience. The panel seemed somewhat stumped. “What would you like to have happened to her?” Michael Taylor asked. The fan responded, “It’s like she was a ghost or something. I would have just wanted to know where she came from and what she was.” Michael Taylor responded, “well, she was either an angel, or she ducked down really low beneath the tall grass. You just couldn’t see her, you know?” Paul Leonard had a clearer picture for the fan, saying bluntly: “I’m pretty sure Starbuck died near the end of Season 3.” Leonard added that the actress didn’t know what she was either, and the uncertainty made her insane going into Season 4. “Walking Dead Starbuck was what all her dialogue was under after that,” laughed Taylor.

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