By Geoff Boucher
Updated July 12, 2013 at 07:08 PM EDT
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“You had to be there.” A droll expression in most settings but not at Comic-Con International where good things (namely “exclusives,” the one-time-only collectibles sold at the pop culture expo) come to those who wait in lines that seem to stretch to the Orange County line. Here’s a first look at some of this year’s San Diego exclusives…

Why look it’s…um, it’s a Wolverine…bunny-like…item?

It’s actually the Wolverine Labbit and by all appearances a Labbit might be cool, crafty or cranky but it will always be from Kidrobot, which has collaborated with Marvel to craft the mutant known as Wolverine into the endearing death machine you see above. Here’s an oddly unsettling blurb from the makers: “Marvel and Kidrobot…come together to filth up the wickedest icons in the Marvel Universe with a special line of Kidrobot Labbit collectible vinyls. Inspired by Frank Kozik’s ever-popular 3D vinyl figurines, the 7-inch sadistic characters feature Kidrobot’s prominent comic style especially made for Marvel’s most popular super-villains and anti-heroes.”

But wait, Wolverine is not alone….

[There’s Venom, below, who doesn’t look as cute as Wolverine. and no I never expected to type that sentence. Venom is not the villain in the Spider-Man sequel, by the way, instead it’s back to the Steve Ditko early issues for the bad guy and, well, it’s hard to argue against that choice.

ew_image url=”” credit=”Kidrobot” align=”left”]

In Hall H presentations at next week’s Comic-Con, it’ll be a sprawling year for the Unabridged Marvel Universe with Sony’s Spider-Man, Fox’s X-Men and Marvel Studios with Phase 2 presentations of some sort. And in a different universe…

Hey, up in the sky, it’s a bird…

No, wait, that’s totally not a bird.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

It’s Domo as the Man of Steel.

Here’s a blurb it: Priced at $15, Man of Steel Domo will feature the viral meme posing as the latest big screen incarnation of the comic icon. Based on the new Man of Steel movie, this collectible figure puts Domo in the same costume worn by Henry Cavill in this summer’s box office smash.

Will Superman 2 be announced at Comic-Con by Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan (who would be making his first visit to the San Diego convention)? Probably not. But that would be a great way to mark the 75th anniversary of Superman. They could also announce Lex Luthor casting. Who could resist a bald, evil-genius Domo?

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