By Grady Smith
Updated July 31, 2012 at 10:20 PM EDT

Not so long ago, in a land of myth (a.k.a. San Diego) and a time of magic (mid-June 2012), the destiny of a great convention (Comic-Con) rested on the shoulders of a delightful young cast. Their show? Merlin.

Fantasy-faves Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath, two of the stars of BBC’s Merlin, which annually re-airs in the United States on Syfy, stopped by EW’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel earlier this month to chat about their hit show and we’ve got footage for you to see!

And not just footage of the interview, either! Yesterday a trailer for the fantasy drama’s fifth season surfaced online, and it gives us glimpses of Queen Guinevere and the legendary Round Table. Check it out below:

Production on season 5 has not yet wrapped, and when we sat down with Morgan and McGrath, they said there were still four months left of shooting for Merlin‘s fifth season, which takes a leap three years into the future. Both stars seemed happy with how the show is progressing.”I feel like we’ve all started to play adults,” said McGrath, whose character Morgana came thisclose to capturing Camelot in the 4th season finale. “The stories are more focused on the legends that we’re going to become,” added Morgan.

Watch the full interview below as they chat about Comic-Con costumes, the show’s rabid cult following, and Merlin‘s connection to Game of Thrones.

If you missed it, check out Colin and Katie’s swanky Comic-Con portrait, and if you want more of my Merlin musings (and other pop culture thoughts), follow me on Twitter.

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