This year’s San Diego Comic-Con was filled to the brim with buzzy projects from big-name filmmakers. Neill Blomkamp showed off footage from his Matt Damon-headlined futuristic romp Elysium, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim paired off giant robots against giant monsters, and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel demonstrated an impressive lack of slow-mo action scenes. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios announced the next phase of their great shared-universe experiment…emphasis on universe, with the space-faring Guardians of the Galaxy film currently slated for 2014. On this week’s episode of Entertainment Geekly, we talk to EW movie reporter Adam B. Vary about the vibe in Hall H: what looked good, what got a muted response, and just what the heck we should think about The Hobbit.

That’s all just a prologue to the big conversation topic of the week. We’re talking about The Dark Knight Rises, the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy. Jeff and I talk about our reactions to the movie. SPOILERS abound, so don’t listen to the podcast’s second half until you’ve seen Rises. Consider this conversation the tip of the iceberg — we’ll be doing a deep dive into the Bat-threequel next week.

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Be sure to tell us all your thoughts about The Dark Knight Rises when you see it this weekend by tweeting at us at @EWDocJensen and @EWDarrenFranich. Remember: This is a fun, freewheeling conversation about a movie we’re all very interested in, and which we all have interesting opinions about. So please no death threats, at least not to Jeff, because he’s a family man. (I have ninja training. Bring it on.)

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