By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated July 15, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Supernatural is in Hall H for a second year in a row. Follow all the fun here!


There were rumors shortly before the panel that Hall H was being shut down by the Fire Marshall, though it is unclear if they were true. The panel definitely kicked off a little late, and I hear that there are lot of people in line who didn’t get in.


Sizzle reel showing!11:25 p.m.

Panel coming out. New showrunner Jeremy Carver, Mark Sheppard, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki (Jensen cheering for Jared like a fangirl) , Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, and consulting producer Ben Edlund.


Jensen compares Purgatory to Hall H because of all the red lights in the audience. But in terms of the show, he calls Purgatory “Diet Hell.” “Much like the Hell situation, Dean can’t stick down there forever. How he comes out, that’s too much of a teaser. I can’t give that out.” Ben says Dean’s return from Purgatory will happen fairly quickly and what happened in there and how he was “pushed to the limits” will be a “story they track for a while.”


Jared talking about getting a love interest and jokes that Jeremy loves seeing him without his shirt on.


Jensen: “I think the only real romance in Dean’s life is the car.”


Jeremy says that at the beginning of this season, we will learn that “being separated had a profound effect on both of them and they have gone a separate way.” Also, they will have spent “more than a summer” apart. “The relationships that they made and their time off from each other will be very important in each of their lives, and they will have to come to terms with the new relationship in each of their lives,” he says. Ben points out that the boys are “emotional shut-ins that have to learn how to deal” with what happened to each other during the summer.


Misha dodging the question about Castiel coming back. “Why do they do this to us?!” Jared is heckling him about avoiding the question.


Jim on a return: “It’s Supernatural. Anything is possible.”


Mark says relationship with the boys has been reciprocal. “I took stuff and got stuff,” he says. Jared jokes: “Can you re-phrase that?” Ben describes the boys’ relationship with Crowley as very antagonistic because they’re chasing after the same thing.


The theme this season is Raiders of the Lost Ark


Jeremy tries to explain: “I can’t go into it too much but suffice to say that in a lot of season’s past the boys have been reacting to something, but this year, they’re starting on offense.” He says they’re chasing “something near and dear to their hearts.” Ben elaborates: They are on a “chase for a power source that we’ve already seen hints of.”


Jared is trying to make apocalypse plural and claims it’s “apocali.”


Fan says Jensen inspired her to go into acting, and Misha jokes that her thinking was “if he can do it, anyone can.”


They’re choosing superhero names. Weird.


Jensen talking about directing. “Directing the first time was trial and error. But — this is going to be boring — but pace is important.” He tells a story about Mark being so good in a scene that he forgot to make sure it didn’t run nine minutes long. Jensen directing the third episode now. And while he’s talking about this, Jared is snoring. “I’m trying to cut a lot of [Jared’s] stuff,” he says.


The episode they’re filming right now is a “one-off” and “pretty bloody,” per Jensen.


Jim says if he were to come back, “I’d like to finish up with Sheriff Rhodes.”


Jared says that this season we get to see “all the fat stripped away” since Sam has been without his brother and support systems. “The characters have grown up in front of you and now we get to see who they want to be…and we get to see who they are.”


Jensen talking about once being jealous of Sam’s demon blood-induced power, but was NOT jealous of Jared having to get a fake blood-soaked sponge shoved up his nose (for nose bleed scenes).


Jeremy: “Purgatory makes strange bedfellows.”


Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. are pointed out in the audience. “Good luck getting out, guys,” Jared jokes. Sebastian Roche is here, too, apparently. Fun fact: Roche showed up to The Vampire Diaries panel, too.


Jensen and Misha are asked about “Dastiel.” Jensen seems genuinely confused by the concept. Misha jokes that Ben has pictures of Dastiel in his house.


Jensen on really bloody scenes: “When you show up and your wardrobe has plumbing [for blood], it’s not going to be a good day.”


Fan asks if we’ll ever see God. “It’s a very unstable situation over here on this end of the table,” Ben (who is sitting next to Jim) jokes before giving the question to Jeremy. Jeremy adds: “We will pull back from the heavy heavy mythology and give the brothers time to [breathe].” Adds that the season will have “one over-arching mythology that will hopefully carry on for many, many more years.”


Jensen on new Wednesday timeslot: “Most shows go to Friday nights to die. [The change] was because of you guys.” Big cheers!


GAG REEL!! Best scene? A certain trio paying homage to Wayne’s World.

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