By Jonathan W. Gray
Updated July 14, 2012 at 05:54 PM EDT

The Project: Chew is a comic published by Image Comics (The Walking Dead) currently in development at Showtime

The Panel: Chew writer Jon Layman, artist Rob Guillory, with screenwriter Brian Duffield as a surprise guest

The Big Revelations: Like other successful creator-owned comics such as Preacher and Y the Last Man, Chew will end with issue 60. The creative team hopes that Ken Leung (Lost‘s Miles) will play main character Tony Chu when it comes to Showtime. Layman says the series will move in a dramatic new direction with issue 31. Plus, Chew merchandise coming soon!

Snap Judgment: Jon Layman’s perseverance is a model for aspiring writers. He struggled to find success for years, but didn’t chase mainstream projects. He now pens one of the most successful comics in the country about an Asian single-dad who solves crimes by nibbling on dead people, and DC just tapped him to write Detective Comics, the signature Batman comic.

Most Incisive Audience Comment: When an audience member thanked the Chew team for getting him back into comics.

Least Incisive Audience Question: A member asked Louisiana native Rob Guillory for his favorite gumbo. Guillory informed him that he doesn’t like gumbo.

The Winner of the Panel: Layman. You have to love someone who describes himself as “a weird guy who thinks about weird stuff.”