Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The panel: Exec producers Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, Steven Molaro, Mayim Balik, Jim Parsons (via satellite from New York), Kaley Cuoco, Kunan Nayyar, Simon, Melissa Rauch.

No show: Johnny Galecki, whose flight was delayed.

Unintentionally funny discussion: The writers and cast started talking about when Stephen Hawking made a cameo and whether he shook hands with everyone. (Yes he did, with the help of an assistant who would lift his hand). And how does he laugh? By typing LOL, Helberg said.

Season 5 teasers: Raj will get a romance! “But don’t cheer yet,” says Lorre. “Wait til you see it.”

Best fan questions: Boy, there were a lot of them because that’s pretty much all that occurred during the panel, held for the first time in Hall H. One little kid with a mohawk asked why Sheldon likes the Flash. (Because he was picked on as a kid so he relates to a superhero who can run away fast). Another asked why they eat takeout so much. (Parsons said it was because “we are busy thinking and creating things and changing the world around you so we don’t have time to cook.”) Someone asked Helberg for a primer on how to wear tight clothes. “There are wardrobe ladies I actually have to call up to my dressing room to help get my pants off. Nice job for them because they are getting to take my pants off. I don’t get much out of it.”

Where was everyone’s parents? A sea of kids lined up to ask absurd questions, prompting Lorre to joke (we think) about screening the questions. “These kids are young to be so drunk,” added Helberg. The crowd roared.

Should Helberg go to space? The actor was offered a free trip on a new shuttle-like ship that travels three times the speed of sound. (No joke). Helberg wouldn’t commit, so a lucky fan named Mercedes got a golden ticket, instead. “Big Bang Theory going where no sitcom has gone before.”

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