At first, things didn’t look so hot for Fox’s The Following.

A pretty large chunk of Comic-Con’s Ballroom 20 audience didn’t stick around after watching The CW’s Arrow (those fan reactions here), and one attendee who left after The Following‘s first 10 minutes says she was “bored” by Kevin Williamson’s new serial killer drama. Plus, the show, starring Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent and James Purefoy as a sadistic killer who’s obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe, is pretty grim stuff for broadcast TV.

So I was surprised when The Following received some of the strongest raves we’ve heard so far. I couldn’t find one negative opinion, and those who liked the show really liked it. Listen to this:

— “It was awesome,” says Chris, 47, from 29 Palms. “It kept me on edge, it was really suspenseful. It was really messed up.”

— “Out of the three things I saw [666 Park Ave, Arrow, and The Following] it was the best one,” says Sacramento TV fan Ryan, 36, who compared the show to the dark 1990s drama Millennium. “Yes it’s the ‘serial killer as superman,’ it’s not realistic, but it’s going to be a good show.”

— “Very suspenseful, very dark, the acting was really good,” says Don, 45, San Diego, who only heard a little about the show before watching it.

— “I really liked the connection to literature,” says Megan, 20, Sacramento, about the Poe connection. She added, “there were a couple cheesy lines,” and that star Kevin Bacon was a bit over the top. “Be sure to tell Kevin Bacon that,” she joked.

— “I loved The Following,” says Dany, 34, Seattle, a fan of Williamson’s Vampire Diaries. “It was badass. It had very creepy moments and great acting.”

— “Really intense, really suspenseful,” says Karina, 16, San Diego. The teen then uttered the phrase that Fox’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly says he most wants to hear when judging a pilot: “I want to know what happens next.”


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