By Clark Collis
Updated June 04, 2012 at 09:09 PM EDT
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Vincent Grashaw, producer of the acclaimed 2011 indie drama Bellflower, will make his directorial debut with the movie Coldwater. The film, which Grashaw cowrote with Mark Penney, concerns a teenage boy’s struggle for survival inside a wilderness bootcamp.

Coldwater is a labor of love for Grashaw who has been working on the project for 13 years. He penned the first draft of the script back in 1999, when he was just 18. “I played on a tournament hockey team growing up,” Grashaw tells EW. “I remember one day our goalie wasn’t at practice and we all wondered what had happened. Turned out his parents sent him to a private juvenile program in the middle of nowhere. He never played with us again and he came back a lot worse than when he went in. Having researched this topic for over a decade, I’ve spoken to many kids who attended these programs, even parents who have lost a child. It’s heartbreaking to hear their regret when their decisions were clearly made out of desperation to help their kid. Things have got worse in the last decade and it only justifies my concern with this subject matter. I look at Coldwater as a unique opportunity to give those who unnecessarily lost their lives a voice and be an advocate for awareness and change on privatized juvenile rehabilitation programs in this country. It’s evolved significantly over the years and is closer to my heart than any other film of mine will ever be.”

Grashaw is currently casting the film with principal photography scheduled to begin this August.

In addition to producing Bellfllower, Grashaw also acted in the film which was distributed by the late Adam Yauch’s company Osillloscope. EW’s Owen Gleiberman described the movie as a “lavishly lurid youthquake psychodrama” and hailed director-star Evan Glodell as possessing “a true filmmaker’s voice.”

You can check out the Bellflower trailer below.

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