"Oh sure, I'll host the Ringer panel at Comic-Con — that sounds fun!" Cut to three weeks later, and I'm standing backstage at Ballroom 20, watching 4,000-plus people take their seats to see Sarah Michelle Gellar and the cast of Ringer talk about their new fall drama on The CW. Up until this point I'd felt totally fine — I didn't even flinch when Guillermo del Toro sat down at the table with me in the green room as I crammed an Italian panini sandwich into my face hole. But then it was time to head to the stage, and as an SDCC employee led us through the cavernous underbelly of the San Diego Convention Center, I began to feel like my entire intestinal track was collapsing in on itself. I'm sure this will come as a major shock to you, but I'm not really much of a public speaker, so the idea of shoving past Nestor Carbonell, Ioan Gruffudd, Kristoffer Polaha, and SMG — who were all lined up behind me, waiting to take the stage — and bolting for the exit did, in fact, cross my mind. Instead, I dug deep, went to my happy place, and strode timorously confidently to the podium. Then everything kind of went blank, and when I came to I was in a Kristoffer-Ioan sandwich posing for a photo with the cast backstage. What I can tell you is that Sarah Michelle and her castmates put on a great show for their adoring fans, as you can see from the highlight reel after the jump.

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